10 camera live broadcast for Eurosport and IMAG at the London Nocturne Live Broadcast and IMAG at the London Nocturne

Live from Trafalgar Square Live from Trafalgar Square

Flexible and Experienced Technical Crew Flexible and Experienced Technical Crew

Live Streaming of Cage Football Live Streaming of Cage Football

Outside Broadcast & Portable Production Units (PPU)

Our fleet of Fly-Away Kits and OB Vehicles allows us to cover multiple events, from one or more venues, simultaneously. Our flexibility means we can cover multi-venue sporting events, simultaneous matches or even seperate mixes for different requirements (broadcast, streaming or in-house video screens for sports presentation).

Outside Broadcast Vehicle

Our fully High Definition OB vehicles seat up to 5 operators, support mixing up to 10 camera channels and have built-in options for graphics, replay and sound.

Perfect for outdoor use, IMAG or on larger live streams, the on-board connectivity options include KA-Sat and LiveU bonded-4G to give a truly limitless operating environment.

Fly-Away & PPU

Portable Production Units are more suited to indoor use, in venues where space is limited. A PPU is effectively an OB truck split into smaller flightcases that can be easily transported and scales depending on the options required.

These are all available with a selection of connectivity options, engineering and support.

WilkieTV live streams events across the internet in full High Definition. Extending your audience and increasing interactivity, live video can add a level of professionalism and excitement to an event.

We output video to in-venue projectors and LED screens too – the fly-away kits are perfect for in-house video mixing.

All of our racks are designed and engineered in-house to provide a flexible, modular and reliable solution at great value. Each of our platforms supports add-ons to increase the already vast features we can offer. This includes racking and vision control, hotheads, auto-cue/presenter talkback (IFB), commentary and wireless cameras.

Our Live Streaming platform uses a tried-and-tested Content Delivery Network with support for 10,000s of viewers on Windows, Mac and Mobile Devices (including iOS and Android!). We can provide embedded players, with your branding, or host your event on our own live portal. Players can integrate chatrooms, event information, live social media content and we can also support flexible Pay-Per-View and On-Demand services.

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