Live Streamed 'Fireside Chat' Interview Live Streamed 'Fireside Chat' Interview

Professionally present content live from your event Professionally present content live from your event

Present using Picture-in-Picture Present using Picture-in-Picture alongside slides

Portable production using our Fly-Away PPU Vision Mixing Portable Fly-Away PPU for Sports

Live Streaming & Webcast

In an world that's connecting more and more online, ensuring your message is heard effectively is more important than ever. Flexible, scalable live streaming and webcasting ensures your audience can always join regardless of where they are physically located.

WilkieTV offer corporate live streaming and webcasting services alongside our traditional outside broadcast and remote production. Our one-stop-shop solution allows you to engage with a supplier who can effectively scale regardless of the size of event and audience you are trying to target.

By combining remote production with webcasting we can create a virtual meeting space; where speakers can dial in and present their slides alongside a live video feed of themselves. Different presenters can be mixed together to deliver a single live stream with excellent production value to your clients, shareholders, customers or staff.

Going live allows you to retain interactivity with your audience

Uploading videos to your channel is a simple one-way exercise, but to truly capture your audience then you must add an interactive element. Audience questions and answers can be submitted in real-time to the panel or presenters using tools they'll already be familiar with such as Slido, Mentimeter, POPin or a simple moderated chat alongside the video stream.

Our team are experienced professionals in the corporate A/V world, and deliver reliable and high quality results every time. All events are live streamed in full High Definition video, offering exceptional picture and sound quality.

Using technologies such as LiveU and SkypeTX we bring remote callers into the conference and can "Picture in Picture" them alongside each other for interviews, alongside slides or have them present full screen. SkypeTX allows remote presenters to call in using simply their laptop or phone, all they need to have a decent quality headset for two-way audio and a webcam.

Our fly-away units are designed and engineered in-house to provide a flexible, modular and reliable solution at great value. Each of our platforms supports add-ons to increase the already vast features we can offer. This includes racking and vision control, hot-head robotic cameras, auto-cue/presenter talkback (IFB), commentary and wireless cameras.

Our Live Streaming platform uses a tried-and-tested Content Delivery Network with support for 10,000s of viewers on all desktop and mobile devices. We can provide embedded players, with your branding, or host your event on our own live portal. The player can integrate online chat, event information/meeting agendas or live social media content. We can also support flexible Pay-Per-View and On-Demand services.

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