The Baby Has Landed (BBC2) series filmed using a series of WilkieTV Fixed Rigs for The Garden Productions The Baby Has Landed (BBC2) for The Garden Productions

An example four camera Mini Fixed Rig Example of a four camera Mini Fixed Rig

Industry leading Panasonic AW-HE130 Broadcast Quality HD Hot-Head PTZ Cameras Industry leading selection of cameras from Panasonic

Fixed Rig & Portable Mini-Rig

WilkieTV designs, builds and operates a range of bespoke fixed-rig and portable mini fixed-rig systems. From 1 to 40+ camera rigs, we stock the latest hot-head & PTZ systems to meet a huge range of needs. Ideal for documentary television, reality TV or hidden camera/pop-up activations.

Fixed rig allows the production team to be seperated from the cameras themselves and create the now well known "fly-on-the-wall" look. Technology makes it possible to observe situations that were previously not achieabavle either due to the location, safety or the need to avoid influencing the subject. Fixed rig is used extensively across the documentary and reality television sectors.

Many fixed rig shoots will be installed for a long duration, shooting day after day in one location. Other projects require a more portable or temporary solution; hence our development of the portable mini fixed-rig or "mini rig".

In addition to fixed-rig filming, we offer specialist camera systems, mini cams and all of the crew, project management and equipment required for your production.

Our systems are designed to offer you exactly what you need. Our technical crew can recce, design and install to your exact needs, and provide as much on-site or remote support as required.

Mini Fixed Rig

Suitable for smaller (up to 8) camera temporary installations; or working across multiple sites. Equipment can often be relocated quickly by less-experienced personel, and tends to use more temporary installation methods.

Mini fixed rig is perfect for pop-up filming, hidden camera shows, small documentaries or multi-location reality TV.

Traditional Fixed Rig

For more than 8 cameras, or longer term installations, a traditional fixed rig gallery would likely be the selected route.

Our scalable and flexible fixed rig galleries include recording of multiple 'streams', support for a larger number of audio tracks and microphones, and an control environment designed for a greater number of operators than the mini rigs.

Some of the technologies we stock and have ready-to-go as part of our Fixed & Mini Rigs:

  • Panasonic AW-HE130/UE150 Cameras - with the latest in Full HD and 4K image sensors, offer excellent low-light performance from a world-leading brand
  • Toshiba, Marshall and GoPro Mini-Cams - get specialist close or super-wide angle shots from our range of miniature cameras with full remote control
  • Sennheiser G4 RF Microphone Systems - crystal clear audio from one of the leading wireless microphone manufacturers
  • Multiviewers, Routing and Cutting - brands such as Evertz, Leitch Harris, Snell and Blackmagic Design lead our selection of video routing, processing and multiview equipment
  • DNxHD, ProRes or Direct Record - recording formats, standards and bit-rates can be scaled depending on your post-house's requirements
  • Live Streaming and Mixing - allows the fixed rig to go LIVE to online platforms, broadcast television or contribute remotely to interactive shows

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