Spying on My Family (C4) heavily used digital and fixed rig technology Spying on My Family (C4) heavily used digital and fixed rig tech

Heartbreak Holiday (BBC3) centered around contributor's social media Heartbreak Holiday (BBC3) centered on contributor's social media

Realtime Cloud based portal management for all contributor devices Realtime Cloud based portal management for all contributor devices

Digital Rigs & Apps

Why tell only half the story, when you can access it all? Our "Smartphone Monitoring" Digital Rigs allow intimate access to contributor's devices; live screen recording, social media syncing, message & call recording, GPS tracking and more...

Mobile and Smart Phone Digital Rigs are a cutting-edge technology within the television production and broadcast sector. Specialised apps, meshed with a cloud-based portal, allow fully automated real-time smartphone monitoring of contributor's devices.

This groundbreaking technique has alreay been used on several productions to provide an access-all-areas approach to reality and documentary television formats.

Some of the features already provided with our Digital Rigs:

  • Live Screen Mirroring - watch contributor's interactions with their devices in real time as if you're watching over their shoulder
  • Call Monitoring and recording of calls - receive audio clips directly into the cloud portal for review
  • Social Media Monitoring provides stats on usage of social media, including searchable access to certain platform's messaging
  • SMS and Messaging - all text-based messages from the device can be indexed in the cloud and searched by specific keywords, relationships, time/date, etc
  • GPS Tagging alongside GPS tracking of contributor locations; calls, texts and media are tagged with GPS allowing editors to revisit locations, shoot B-roll or manage consent
  • Latest Handsets are provided to contributors such as the Android-based Samsung Galaxy 'S' series.

WilkieTV have developed these systems in-house and our software engineering team are on-hand to discuss your project. With Digital Rigs, everything is modular and a specific app can be deployed depending on your production's needs. The technology is scalable, operates worldwide and can be extended as required.

The apps work in the background, quietly collecting data and syncronising with the cloud service; which can be logged into by your production team from a laptop anywhere in the world. All data is synced to the cloud over 4G/Wi-Fi and made accessible to your production teams, post production, etc in standard formats such as MP3 and MP4 files.

Some of the uses for a Digital Rig include:

  • Efficiently produce by tracking the contributors - you know where the story is in real-time - so get your production team/shooting crew in the right place at the right time
  • Simplify data wrangling as all media, photos, videos are automatically synced with our cloud-based portal and can be tied into your post-house's ingest systems
  • Unlimited access for reality television, you can have unparalleled access to contributor's messages, calls and social media usage
  • User Generated Content allow contributors to film clips to camera on their devices, and have all of these synced directly to the cloud and available in an edit-ready format
  • Remotely produce by having producers and loggers back in your office, centrally evaluating contributor's actions and behaviours
  • Achieve more using the in-built production features such as full text searching, location searching and logging tools

All digital rig, smartphone or mobile phone monitoring technology is delivered through custom apps on specially prepared mobile handsets. We will provide pre-configured devices to contributors for the duration of the project. The usage of the devices by contributors must be alongside the appropriate levels of consent and used within the prevailing laws of the jurisdiction of use, including, for example GDPR compliance.