The WilkieBox (Fly-Away PPU)

The WilkieBox is an extremely portable custom-designed live streaming multi-camera broadcast kit

Cost Effective

Less kit and crew simply means lower cost

Higher Production Values

Get more camera angles, professional graphics, better sound, higher production value and an exceptional end product

Space Saving

OB from just one rack, anywhere in your venue


No huge vans or trucks required, everything can fit in a car – slashing transport costs

Quick Setup

Plug-and-play, up and running in under 60 minutes!

Expandable and Modular

All systems are expandable and can add extra features without compromising on the benefits of portable OB

Claire Operating WilkieBox at Haringey Box Cup
WilkieBox Console Setup

Our fleet of five fly-away kits allows us to cover multiple events, from one or more venues, simultaneously. Our flexibility means we can cover multi-match sporting events, seasons or even seperate mixes for different requirements (broadcast & in-house video screens) all with our tried and tested solution.

We are geared up to stream any event, any size, worldwide.


Live streaming is an ever-growing medium used to extend your event beyond physical boundaries. Imagine attracting delegates from around the world, increasing revenue opportunities and interaction with your event?

WilkieTV can live stream your events across the internet in full High Definition. Extending your audience and increasing interactivity, live video can add a level of professionalism and excitement to an event.

We can output video to in-venue projectors and LED screens too – internet streaming isn’t the only use for our HD ‘fly-away’ kits.

If you think broadcast live video requires huge Outside Broadcast trucks and tonnes of cabling – think again! Our latest Ultra-Portable Fly-Away Kits fit (with crew and cameras) into a single saloon car!


Wilkie TV Ltd’s portable production units are designed and engineered in-house to provide a flexible, modular and reliable solution at great value. Each of our platforms supports add-ons to increase the already vast features we can offer. This includes racking and vision control, auto-cue/presenter talkback interfaces, commentary and wireless cameras.

Our Live Streaming platform uses a tried-and-tested Content Delivery Network with support for 10,000s of viewers on Windows, Mac and Mobile Devices (including iOS and Android!). We can provide embedded players, with your branding, or host your event on our own live portal. Players can integrate chatrooms, event information, Twitter streams and we can also support flexible Pay-Per-View and On-Demand services.

Move into the future of Outside Broadcasting, go portable...