Additional Equipment

The WilkieBox

WilkieTV has designed, built and operated a fleet of five HD Outside Broadcast Kits, nicknamed "The WilkieBox". We also have a further two OB support kits to extend the features offered for the largest of events. All of our broadcast kits can be teamed up with one of our ATEM 1M/E Broadcast Panel (Operator Consoles). Find out more about our fly-away OB solutions here.

The OB Vehicle

Our latest addition to the team is a brand new 16 Camera OB vehicle, designed and built in-house to match the growing requirements from our clients. It brings the latest in live streaming and broadcast technology to new and exciting markets. Find out more about our OB vehicle here.

Cameras and Grip

We stock, and can supply, a variety of cameras and accessories suitable for all types of production, including:

  • Blackmagic Cinema Camera - a professional 'DSLR' look for promos & film
  • Sony PMW-EX3 HD Cameras - a good all-rounder for live events
  • Sony HDC-2500 or PMW-500 HD Broadcast Cameras - available with full CCU/racking for live broadcasting
  • Sony NEX-EA50 HD Cameras - ideal for pre-recorded shoots or event capture out and about
  • Canon C300 HD Camera - suitable for more cinemagraphic shoots
  • JVC GY-HM200E Handheld Cameras - handheld 4K video cameras for ultra-portable or documentary work
  • Blackmagic Micro Studio 4K Cameras - great for fixed shots or extreme angles on live events
  • Robotic "Hot-Head" Q-Ball HD Cameras - unobtrusive angles where an operator just can't fit
  • Selection of GoPro Action Cameras and Bullet Mini-Cams - for harsh environments such as under-water or in/on vehicles
  • Selection of fluid heads, tripods, sliders and monopods
  • Selection of Manfrotto Magic Arms, Super Clamps, brackets and other fittings

Available on request we can also provide a jib, dolly/track and PoleCam with or without operator.

All of our camera equipment integrates with our broadcast kits and some options provide remote racking and tally support, including over fiber.

MoVI Rig for Royal Albert Hall Trailer
Q-Ball Robotic Camera
Live Basketball at the O2 Arena


Our custom graphics solution offers multi-channel graphics playout and overlay, all incorporated into every WilkieBox. The operator can use our graphics system to play pre-recorded VT clips, overlay lower-third or full-screen graphics and play stings/transitions.

The control architecture allows multiple controllers to interact with the playout server, and can accept a variety of data-feeds for automated graphics/timing information on-screen including RSS, XML and JSON data-sources.

The system accepts most major file-formats for direct playout without requiring transcoding, enabling additional content to be imported during a live show!

Our flexibility doesn't end there. We can also add full Viz-RT based graphics systems as an option to any of our fly-away or OB productions.

Live Action Replay and EVS

Really add value to a production by offering "the next step" to your viewer. Capture game-winning moves and high energy action from multiple angles with one of our professional live action replay solutions.

The NewTek 3Play 425 offers 4 input channels so the operator can choose multiple sources for slow-mo and live action replay, enhancing a production by offering the best view for spectators and viewers.

The 3Play can be provided with or without operator, Contact Us for more information and pricing.

Live Basketball at the O2 Arena
NewTek 3Play 425 Slow-Mo/EVS Replay Unit

Audio Equipment

All video needs great sound and we can provide microphones for both live events and for pre-recorded shoots and interviews.

  • Microphones include Sennheiser G3 Wireless systems, Shure dynamic hand-held microphones, Rode NTG-2 shotgun/ambient microphones, Audio Technica head-sets and Coles Lip/Ribbon microphones
  • Mixers and effects include Soundcraft analogue and Behringer X32 digital, delay units and audio embedders/de-embedders for HD-SDI
  • Combination of Zoom H4n and Atomos Ninja recorders ensure a clean, redundant recording of sound from your event


We offer both wired and wireless comms equipment, including:

  • Two-Wire Tecpro compatible talkback with both single and dual muff headsets
  • Motorola GP360 Radios with noise-cancelling or in-ear headsets
  • Commentator Kit (Sonifex CMU-21) for IFB/program audio return to commentry team
  • Radio talkback integration between two-wire systems and Motorola radios for mobile crew
  • TBU unit for linking remote users/MCR into production comms circuit as required
  • Sennheiser G3 IEM system for presenter in-ear talkback

Motorola UHF GP360 Radios


WilkieTV stocks a large selection of LED and Tungsten Video Lighting Kits, including portable LED panels and "red-head" studio lights.


Our stock of 32A and 16A cable and power distribution equipment are a necessary addition to both live and studio filming.

We also have generator options available which we can supply with our OB vehicle if required.


Lots of live broadcast requires additional equipment to tie everything together. Our stock of broadcast video accessories/routing/etc includes:

  • HD-SDI Video Routers - 16x16 and 40x40 Smart VideoHubs
  • HD-SDI Signal Processing - HDMI to HD-SDI, HD-SDI to HDMI and HD-SDI Distribution Amps
  • Scalers and Cross-Conversion - VGA to HD-SDI, HDMI to to HD-SDI, Up/Down/Cross Converters
  • Audio Embedders/De-Embedders - Various types 2-4 channel
  • Fibre Converters - Blackmagic Camera Converters and Studio Converters for up to 16 channels of fibre video
  • Networking - Various ethernet switches, hubs, routers and wireless access points
  • Genlock - Reference/genlock generators (tri-level and black burst)

Wireless Video Links

We are pleased to announce we can now provide a completely wireless HD video solution for roaming cameras and remote interviews. As used on many of our arena gigs such as London's O2 Arena and The Copperbox Arena, we can supply the Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 fitted to a variety of cameras with full wireless talkback to the director and full latency free HD video link. This system has a specified range of well over 300m and is suitable for use across court floors and arena spaces for live sports capture and remote presenter/interview segments.

Teradek Bolt Pro 2000

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