WilkieTV Uses Their Live Portable Production Kit To Bring Live Video To Trafalgar Square

London, UK, 4 September 2013 - Wilkie TV this week accomplished one of their most exciting live projects to date – providing live video production of the Vodafone 4G Launch, live from in Trafalgar Square in Central London.

Vodafone chose to launch their new 4G mobile service in conjunction with Sky Sports and Spotify by holding a giant kick-about in the centre of one of London’s best known landmarks. The day saw various Premiere League stars join competition winners and members of the public in a giant penalty shoot-out.

Wilkie TV provided live video of the entire event using their own live "fly away" Portable Production Unit - replicating the features of a traditional broadcast OB truck but in a single, portable rack-mount system. The production featured slow-motion playback to provide a unique angle of the day’s events. In-goal shots and on-screen graphics displaying the speed of the last kick measured using radar cameras also enhanced the experience.

We were able to put together a video package that kept all of the action broadcasting to a huge LED wall throughout the event. We can innovate fast, and provide outstanding results on a short time-scale and with tight budgets.

Claire Wilkie, Managing Director, WilkieTV Ltd

Their video production for this massive event included HD fibre-optic cable between the cameras and the production equipment to prevent signal degradation and allow long distances, surpassing boundaries often found with copper based solutions. The multi-cam, live vision mixing system instantly produces astounding video production quality without requiring a huge OB vehicle onsite.

All of their live video can be recorded for later use, streamed live on-line, or, as with the Vodafone event, projected on a massive LED wall for thousands to see live throughout the day.

With this event, we have proven that small is the new big. Portable HD production is exciting as it allows us to take video places that were previously not possible. There was action everywhere and we were able to record all of it. Restrictions on vehicle movements, space and of course interaction with the general public made this event a challenge but we were able to deliver 100%.

Claire Wilkie, Managing Director, WilkieTV Ltd

Wilkie TV has a love for all things video. Since starting, the company has gone from strength to strength, taking on both work for both local and national brands. Their aim is to provide clients with the most professional and creative way of getting across their message – whether this be to customers, employees or potential clients. By leveraging years of experience, the team is able to offer a tailored solution that meets any needs and budget. With access to a large pool of freelancers, each with expertise in their own field, clients are always working with people who strive to achieve the best for the project. Wilkie TV provides a variety of services, aimed at everyone from small business start-ups to large national brands. Their position at the forefront of portable live video production can bring an exciting new angle to any event.

For more information, visit Wilkie TV Ltd’s website http://www.wilkie.tv or call them on 01483 377001.


Posted on 14th September 2013 - Live, Portfolio


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