Rapha London Nocturne 2018

For the second year in a row, WilkieTV delivers the Rapha London Nocturne cycling event to Facebook Live, including remote 4G presenter and motorbike cameras.

Working for renowned cycling PR and production company, Cyclevox, WilkieTV also delivered two sports presentation packages which independently provided additional content, cameras and presenter feeds to two large LED screens provisioned at the start/finish and VIP areas.

The 2018 Rapha London Nocturne took place on the 9th June on closed roads around a 1.2km circuit nestled next to London St Paul's Cathedral.

WilkieTV's crew of 8 delivered a 9-camera live production covering 10 hair-raising races. WilkieTV's hallmarks of rock solid and innovative engineering, combined with outside broadcast infrastructure distribution allowed for a fast delivery within a short lead time.

By deploying its custom-built Outside Broadcast (OB) vehicle, WilkieTV provided all vision and broadcast infrastructure for the event. This included 13 two-way HD fiber links around the course, vision mixing, live slow-motion replay, full comms, encoding and satellite uplink for Facebook Live and RF camera links for a remote presenter.

Rather than using traditional RF, WilkieTV used the latest in 4G multi-sim live streaming to deliver two 4G cameras that could be used anywhere in the vincinity of the race circuit. This included one for the tracking motorbike provided by Media Motos, giving fault-free coverage around the track.

Producing cycle racing is a technically demanding exercise. At Cyclevox we have developed close working relationships with key partners over the last 10 years filming and producing live streams, live television and hundreds of highlights shows.

The approach to the Rapha Nocturne required good organisation, innovation and the ability to be flexible. WilkieTV listened, worked with a changing brief and delivered. Our production crew were pleased to work with them. We all left after a successful production with a real sense of achievement of a job well done.

Anthony McCrossan, Managing Director of Cyclevox

In addition to the WilkieTV OB vehicle, over 5km of tactical fiber was laid around the circuit linking all the cameras back to the OB vehicle, whilst providing feeds to two WilkieTV fly-away kits located at the start/finish and VIP area. These local sub-mixes fed the screens independently with timing graphics, race footage or local presenter cameras. This also allowed live interviews from one area to be shown around the course in real-time without impacting the broadcast feed.

The event covered a large and complex footprint, requiring detailed and calculated plans agreed well in advance with all local authorities. Working efficiently was vital with WilkieTV having to rig; stream and broadcast over a 7 hour period; and then de-rig; all within a 20 hour timeframe.

WilkieTV are very well placed to offer the right solution for this scale and type of event.

Being able to accommodate short lead times and scale up and down seamlessly allows us to offer our clients exceptional flexibility and customer service. We can provide packages from a single camera interactive stream to social media, right through to a multi-camera HD broadcast.

Claire Wilkie, Managing Director of WilkieTV

At the heart of WilkieTV's capabilities is its new Outside Broadcast vehicle, capable of delivering productions involving up to 16 cameras.

The OB vehicle allows WilkieTV to bring the latest in live streaming and broadcast technology to new and exciting markets. The vehicle has a long wheelbase and features fiber inputs for long distance camera runs, audio and vision mixers, space for up to 5 operators and satellite uplink for live streaming anywhere across Europe.

For more information about the vehicle and it's capabilities, please visit WilkieTV's website, or say hello at ob@wilkie.tv.

Notes to Editors
WilkieTV is a UK-based video production and broadcasting agency founded in 2011 and based in the south-east of England.

WilkieTV is passionate about delivering video production, live streaming/broadcasting and vision engineering services. A solid engineering background, coupled with creativity has seen WilkieTV secure contracts with broadcasters, brands and organisations such as London Live, Spotify, Sky Sports, TED, Breast Cancer Now and The Royal Albert Hall.

In 2015, Claire and her team of engineers developed the WilkieBox – a flexible and portable broadcast solution which enables a reliable, modular and scalable production. As a result, WilkieTV are able to keep production overheads low for their clients, whilst delivering a highly efficient service. As a dynamic production company, WilkieTV live and breathe flexibility and can deliver their services across the UK, the EU and worldwide.

In early 2017, the team designed and built an Outside Broadcast vehicle to offer an additional range of services, expanding their capabilities across all of their productions. The new vehicle features space for 5 operators, dual vision mixing capability, audio, slow-motion replay, graphics and playout systems, full talkback comms and a Too-way satellite system for streaming across Europe.

For more information, contact WilkieTV on +44 2035 193193 or hello@wilkie.tv.
Jib Operator capturing dynamic shots at the Start/Finish Line

Jib Operator capturing dynamic shots at the Start/Finish Line

Output delivered to Eurosport HD, Facebook Live and LED screens around the course

Output delivered to Eurosport HD, Facebook Live and LED screens around the course

Riders prepare at the start of the London Nocturne 2018

Riders prepare at the start of the London Nocturne 2018

Monitoring WilkieTV's new OB Vehicle before the event starts

Monitoring WilkieTV's new OB Vehicle before the event starts


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