WilkieTV provides live content for Makegood Festival, London's coolest creative event

This week sees the launch of Makegood, a festival of culture, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Makegood Festival is an extravaganza boasting a vast, indie pop-up market of over 200 brand new creative businesses. Alongside this, Makegood will play host to a series of punchy talks and debates from an unexpected lineup of the world’s most fascinating creative minds. So why not pop in to our big, beautiful melting pot of culture, creativity and entrepreneurship.

WilkieTV have entered an exciting partnership with Makegood to provide engaging and focussed video content throughout the event and leading up to it. WilkieTV realised Makegood’s need to reach out further and engage with a creative audience who could love the Makegood brand experience. WilkieTV approached the festival with a video content rich proposal and secured a contract to film School for Creative Startups students pre- Makegood and provide video throughout the festival.

Makegood showcases the hottest up and coming fashion labels, craft food and alternative lifestyle companies all on display in a menagerie of creative pop-ups. We are delighted to be providing a venue and platform that successfully supports young, entrepreneurial talent. Supporting new creative businesses and individuals in this way sits very close to our own philosophy.

Linda Hewson, Creative Director, Selfridges & Co

During Makegood WilkieTV will generate all video content from live talks, interviews with VIPs, guests, and presenter led links. All content will be branded as Makegood and brand centric. WilkieTV aims to enhance the on-line audience experience where the hunger for immediate and current content is highly demanded. From the video content we will work with Native LDN social Agency who will push out the content into the relevant social networks.

Through this process WilkieTV hopes to further the reach of Makegood, generate great exposure of the festival and deepen audience engagement through the run of the festival, with the aim to get more people through the door, and more people signing up to School for Creative Startups.

We knew that people would really love the Makegood brand and what School for Creative startups has to offer, as a student of S4CS, I wanted to do something for my fellow students that would give them brilliant exposure and visibility in the run up to Makegood. What better way to do that then to have a chat with them where they share their personal and real stories with us, the camera just happened to be there.

Claire Wilkie, Managing Director, WilkieTV Ltd

WilkieTV strengthens brand exposure, loyalty and engagement through inventive live video and web films. To find out more visit http://www.wilkie.tv.


Posted on 18th August 2014 - Articles, Events, News, Portfolio


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