Blackmagic Design ATEM Television is the New Switcher on the Block

After getting to grips with our ATEM 1 M/E from Blackmagic Design in our 12U Rack Production Unit, Wilkie TV has purchased an ATEM Television Studio to extend our stock of vision mixers and production switchers. The new ATEM TVS provides us with a more compact option when a larger setup is not required. It's a full broadcast quality production switcher with real time H.264 encoding so we can capture live events directly to files for internet distribution! The TVS features 6 video inputs with both broadcast HD-SDI and consumer HDMI inputs for cameras and computers. The affordability of the TVS allows us to offer live video at even better value - covering events that previously could never justify the cost, such as local council meetings, school productions, sports, car racing, concerts, weddings, bands, communities, air shows and much more! Features include an upstream keyer, with chroma, pattern, shaped and linear keying, 2 downstream keyers and independent fade to black. The built-in multi-view output, internal audio mixer and H.264 encoder means a minimum of external equipment is required to complete a live video production. The TVS is also compatible with our Fibre coverters which provide full tally and talkback along with two-way HD video over 100's of metres to remote camera positions. to find out how bringing the ATEM TVS to your event could help you!