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Live Streaming & Event Video

Wilkie TV can live stream your events across the internet in full High Definition. Extending your audience and increasing interactivity, live video can add a level of professionalism and excitement to an event.

We can output video to in-venue projectors and LED screens too - internet streaming isn't the only use for our HD 'Fly-away' kits.

We have various types of kits, ranging from small one-camera solutions up to large 8+ camera rigs. We offer a modular approach to any task, taking the time to understand your requirements and ensuring you get exactly what you require. For technical information regarding our 3 standard kits, please view the comparison page here.

Live Video is great for:

  • Live Events, create an unforgettable experience with live video and integrated social media
  • Product Launches, reach a world-wide audience with your product or service launch
  • Conferences/Webinars, eliminate travelling for delegates and increase engagement
  • Fashion Shows, demonstrate your latest gear to every fashion critic world-wide
  • Live Music/Concerts, play to an audience of millions, engage every fan
  • Live Sports, allow fans to follow their teams and give support wherever they go
  • ...and much much more!, find out how we can benefit your bespoke event

Portable OB Kits offer many advantages over traditional OB trucks:

  • Cost Effective, less kit and crew simply means lower cost
  • Quick Setup, everything is plug-and-play, we can be up and running in less than 60 minutes!
  • Simplicity, no huge logistics nightmare to worry about
  • Space Saving, we can multi-cam OB from just one rack, anywhere in your venue
  • Portability, no parking or huge vans required, everything can fit in a car
  • Expandable and Modular, all systems are expandable and can add extra features without compromising on the benefits of portable OB
  • Shorter Cable Runs, less disruption and rigging time, less places for something to go wrong

Wilkie TV Ltd's portable production units are designed and engineered in-house to provide a flexible, modular and reliable solution at great value. Each of our platforms supports add-ons to increase the already vast features we can offer. This includes racking and vision control, digital sound desks, solid-state recorder units and auto-cue/presenter talkback interfaces.

Our Live Streaming platform uses a tried-and-tested Content Delivery Network with support for 10,000s of viewers on Windows, Mac and Mobile Devices (including iOS and Android!). We can provide embedded players, with your branding, or host your event on our own live portal. Players can integrate chatrooms, event information, Twitter streams and we can also support flexible Pay-Per-View and On-Demand services.

Download this information in PDF form about our fly-away portable production kits.

Filming Live at Trafalgar Square 12U Flyaway Production Unit In Use Filming Live at Trafalgar Square Multi-Camera HD to LED Video Wall


Take advantage of live video for your event!