Multi-Camera Outside Broadcast Vehicle

Our new OB vehicle is a modern, innovative way to broadcast or live stream, any time, any where.

Satellite Uplink

Live streaming or Broadcast, from anywhere across Europe

Higher Production Values

Undertake increasingly complex projects without compromise

Production Team

Air-conditioned, comfortable environment for up to 5 operators


Arrives at the venue with all equipment ready to go

Quick Setup

Plug-and-play, fast and slick setup, perfect for outdoor events

Expandable and Modular

All systems are expandable and can add extra features without compromising on the benefits of portable OB

Front section of the vehicle, operating live Rugby
Engineering overseeing the OB Van before an event starts

Our latest addition to the team is a brand new multi-camera OB vehicle, designed and built in-house to match the growing requirements from our clients. It brings the latest in live streaming and broadcast technology to new and exciting markets. The vehicle is extremely capable for it's size.

The vehicle features 16 fiber channels for long distance camera runs, audio and vision mixers, space for up to 5 operators and satellite uplink for live streaming anywhere across Europe. The two vision mixers can be used separately; enabling two completely independent live feeds to be generated from one vehicle (e.g. covering two different sports matches at the same venue simultaneously).

The van provides a comfortable, air conditioned space for up to 5 operators. 10x 27" monitors provide excellent flexibility for operators and configuration. EVS, 3Play (live replay) and up to 8 channels of camera CCU/racking can be added depending on customer requirements.

We can also output video to in-venue projectors and LED screens, providing a seperate mix for Sports Presentation requirements.

Suitable for live video-to-screens, broadcast, 'as-live' recordings and web streaming from any location, WilkieTV's extensive range of equipment and skilled team can offer a perfect solution to match your requirements.

The vehicle includes:

  • 20-input 4K ready vision mixer
  • 10-input 4K ready vision mixer
  • Option for up to 8 fully racked cameras
  • 40x40 video router
  • 16-input digital sound mixer
  • 16 channels of fiber video interface for long distance camera positions
  • Digital comms, two-way radio, and TBU
  • Video playout (VT, graphics)
  • Tapeless SSD recorders and live streaming encoders
  • UPS battery backup with optional generators
  • KA-band Satellite Uplink for remote operation

All kits can be extended and added to as appropriate, including but not limited to:

  • Additional fibre-optic camera connections for extended range or outdoor use
  • Wireless camera links such as the Teradek Bolt Pro 2000
  • Commentator audio kit (Coles 4104 Ribbon Mics, Sonifex CMU-21 Kit, Program monitor)
  • Various routers, re-clockers, signal distribution Reference generator
  • Remote camera racking/camera control
  • Robotic camera heads, jibs, cranes, dollies and more...

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Alternatively, our portable Fly-Away Production Kits might be more suitable for your project.

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